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Read the following rules, because compliance is mandatory, and not knowing them does not exempt you from it!

Keep in mind that the rules are not to limit, but so that all those people can enjoy the site without problems, finding information quickly, and, as always, to help us all grow together.

The following rules are mandatory at all times

Repeated non-compliance with these rules may lead to expulsion from the forum.

Respect for others is paramount!

Above all, respect the other forum participants and the moderators. The Aliforo forum is a community made up of peers, whether they are designers, developers or store owners, so you should treat them with the same respect that you expect them to treat you.

Try to find the solution yourself before asking for help

Before you hit the "New Thread" button, do a search, starting with the "featured threads" that appear at the top of all forums. If your problem is related to an error message, copy and paste part of the message in your browser. It is very likely that you will find someone who has had the same problem and can help you fix it.

Respect the language of the forum

Aliforo brings together people from all over the world, which is why the forums are divided into different languages.

We will all appreciate if you write in the language corresponding to that forum.

Respect the topic of the forum and read the description that appears under its name

Study the available sections to determine which one is the most appropriate for your question. It will be better for you (your question is more likely to be read by someone who can answer it) and for other users (other people who encounter the same problem will search that specific forum).

Tip: do not post your question at the end of a pinned thread (featured) as its function is not that, but to provide useful information to the community.

1 thread = 1 topic or 1 question

- If you have more than one question, open more than one thread!

- Do not ask your question in a thread that does not deal with exactly that question. Open a new thread, it's the right thing to do.

Write correctly

Respect your readers. Pay attention to spelling and grammar, review what you have written before posting it, and if necessary, edit and proofread your post. Use the spell checker whenever possible. There are several free checkers that work with Firefox or Google Chrome (http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-do-i-use-firefox-spell-checker | https: //support.google. com / chrome / answer / 95604? hl = en)

Do not scream

The screams are annoying to the ear and the capital letters to the eyes. Use capital letters sparingly.

When you open a thread, give it a clear and descriptive title

The thread title should be a short description of the message so that it is easier to find when doing a search. Avoid terms like "URGENT", "Help", etc.

Appropriate content

It is forbidden to publish texts, images or documents whose content may be offensive (insults, material that may hurt the sensibility, bad words, etc.). If you post content that may be inappropriate (for example, for those over 18 years old), be respectful and include a notice in your message.

Harassment and inappropriate comments via PM (private message) are prohibited. Anyone who is a victim of these practices should report it to the Aliforo team. We trust your common sense and the criteria of the moderators to determine the degree of adequacy of a topic.

Thread [SOLVED]

If after opening a thread you solve your problem, indicate it in your post and describe the solution.

If you have opened a thread in which the problem has been solved, edit the title and mark it as [SOLVED].

To mark a thread as [Solved]:

- Edit the first post in the thread by clicking the "Edit" button, edit the content as new, and then click send.


Inform the moderator about an inappropriate post

If any post violates the forum rules, for example by:

- Inappropriate conduct for the forum.

- Spam, advertising.

- Use of a language other than that of the forum.

- Posting of messages in a forum or a wrong language.

Inform moderators by clicking on the alert icon ⚠️

Aliases, avatars and signature

The trade names and logos of AliExpress or Alibaba are protected by intellectual protection rights. Its use is subject to express authorization.

Any pseudonym or avatar that infringes the intellectual property rights of AliExpress or Alibaba may be modified by Aliforo if the user refuses to do so or does not respond in a reasonable time.

Aliforo reserves the right to cancel a user account in the event of repeated infringement of intellectual property rights.

In addition, to facilitate reading in